Publisher and Author Tracy Murry resides in California and is  a mother of three young kings. She was born in Illinois but grew up in Pasadena California. She was raised by a beautiful queen named Loretta . Her mother Loretta was married then became a single mother that did the very best by all five of her children. Tracy Murry is the second child that she was blessed with of the five.

​The publisher/author began writing in the first grade while attending Webster elementary school in Pasadena. She started reading books as a young girl but started the hobby again in 2010. She has since self published her  first novel titled Bad Women of South Central L.A in 2014. It is available now on Amazon.com along with a few other books of hers . She currently has written 6 e-books so far. She has penned an e-book titled Ecstasy on the wattpad app that has over 242,000 thousand reads so far that has been going viral since October 2016 titled Ecstasy. She is currently working on several other books in different genres. Sign up with your email below to get the latest updates when the author releases new novels/books.


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About the book genres:

Books include -

Adult Romance Erotica, Urban Street Fiction, Series books

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Self Help & Skill books

Motivational books 

Childrens ,YA, D.I.Y 

Real Estate secrets book

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